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Factory Mounted Single-end Encoder

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Part Number: ES[LINE COUNT]

Single end optical encoder mounted at the factory. Encoder part number appends to the motor part number eg. M-1713-ES100. 

This product is an add-on option and not sold independently of a stepper motor or MDrive integrated motor/driver product.

TypeSingle-end optical
Number of signals3
Line counts(1)100, 200, 250, 400, 500 or 1000
Mating cable P/N (2)ES-CABLE-2
Length ft (m)1.0 (0.3)

(1) 100-line encoder disks do not have an index mark.
(2) The ES-CABLE-2 must be ordered separately.


FunctionFactory mounted encoder
Applicable productsHybrid Stepper Motor
Part numberES[LINE COUNT]

Detail Drawing

Connectivity Details

Wire colors represent the ES-CABLE-2, which must be ordered seperately.
Pin #SignalColorPaired to (#)Description
1GNDBrown ()Ground
2IDXViolet ()Encoder index mark (N/C 1000-line encoder)
3CH ABlue ()Channel A output
4+5 VDCOrange ()+5 VDC input voltage
5CH BYellow ()Channel B output

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