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MD-CS630-000 Cordset

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Part Number: MD-CS630-000

The MD-CS630-000 is a 12-position, A-coded M12 male with flying leads cable used to interface I/O signals to the Liberty* MDrive product. Pre-wired shielded cables with straight M12 connector end for interfacing logic and I/O. 10′ (3 m) M12 to flying leads cable.

*Previously Lexium

FunctionI/O Interface Cable
Applicable productsLiberty MDrive
Part numberMD-CS630-000

Detail Drawing

MD-CS630-000 12-pin M12 A-coded (Male) to flying leads

Connectivity Details

Pin #SignalColorPaired to (#)Description
1ANALOG_INBrown ()Analog input
2OPTO_REFERENCEBlue ()es the input as sinking or sourcing.
3GNDWhite ()Logic (analog input) ground
4ENC_B-Green ()Encoder channel B– output
5BRIDGE_ENABLEPink ()Bridge enable/disable input
6ENC_B+Yellow ()Encoder channel B+ output
7ENC_I+Black ()Encoder Index+ output
8DIRECTIONGray ()CW/CCW direction input
9PULSE/MOTIONRed ()Step clock input/ Motion on/off
10ENC_I-Violet ()Encoder Index– output
11ENC_A-Gray/pink ()Encoder channel A– output
12ENC_A+Red/blue ()Encoder channel A+ output

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