Cybersecurity for Ethernet

Cybersecurity (CSE) Enhanced feature for the Liberty* MDrive Products.

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Cybersecurity for LMD Products

Novanta IMS is dedicated to the evolution of industrial cybersecurity standards to protect against cyberattacks. In accordance with “US California Senate Bill No. 327 Information privacy: Connected Devices”, IMS’s Ethernet-based products now require the implementation of this protection for our customer’s protection.

Liberty MDrive Ethernet-based products with cybersecurity are marked with a very visible ‘CSE’ on the product label. Cybersecurity products add a password encryption process. To learn more about how to interact with these products, please reference the links provided on this page.

More Information Cybersecurity Enhanced Liberty* MDrive

Ethernet-based Liberty MDrive products shipped after June 30, 2020, include cybersecurity protection that requires additional configuration on setup. Click here to read the full Product Change Notice (PCN).

*Previously Lexium


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