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Liberty Motion Module

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PCB-Mount discrete integrated driver + controller

Liberty Motion Module (LMM) is a programmable motion controller with powerful H-bridge driver. LMM delivers the ultra-compact size and flexibility of a chipset, but with the power and features of leading Liberty MDrive integrated motors, including MCode programming language. The LMM is available in programmable motion control and CANopen control types. Single or four-axis development boards are available to facilitate rapid prototyping, with a Developers Kit recommended with first purchase.

  • Ultra-compact modular design
  • up to 48 VDC power supply voltage
  • 1.5 Amp (RMS), 2.1 Amp (Peak) bridge driver current
  • I/O points include: 4 inputs, 3 outputs, encoder input
  • Fully programmable motion control with MCode language; CANopen control version option
  • Standard PCI Express edge card connector
  • Development boards, 1- and 4-axis
  • Motors, offered in a range of sizes to match requirements
  • Starter kit
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