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MForce compact driver system for stepper motors

The Novanta IMS stepper motor drive system is comprised of an MForce stepper motor drive and a 2-phase stepper motor for a very compact, high-performance drive system. MForce stepper motor drives are offered in 3 versions:

  • Step/direction input – Motion Control – for parameterization via an SPI interface
  • Motion Control – programmable units for communication via RS-422/485
  • CANopen for networking via CANopen DS302 and DSP402
This flexible, open communication concept allows for integration into existing system environments.



With its small dimensions, MForce stepper motor drives require very little space in the control cabinet.


Simple cabling and configuring, with user-friendly PC interface software, allows for easy and quick setup of the MForce drive system.


MForce stepper motor drives are available in two power classes: 3.0 A and 5.0 A.
  • MForce MicroDrive — 3.0 A
  • MForce PowerDrive — 5.0 A
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