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Changing the Liberty MDrive TCP/IP parameters

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Step-by-step procedure on changing the Liberty* MDrive TCP/IP parameters.


  • Liberty* MDrive
  • Liberty* MDrive Linears


  • PC with Microsoft Windows™ 7 or greater
  • Network adapter with TCP/IP v4 parameters set to:
  • Liberty* MDrive, connected to ethernet adapter port and powered.
  • Liberty* MDrive Software Suite (installed)
  • Ethernet Interface utility (installed)
  • IP Address and subnet mask for the target network.

*Previously Lexium


Before the Liberty* MDrive can be installed into a network, the TCP/IP parameters, namely the IP address and the subnet mask must be changed to match the network settings.

Before you begin you should have completed the steps found in the following tutorial: Setting up your Ethernet adapter for MDrive Ethernet TCP/IP products


For purposes of this example, we will change the TCP/IP settings to operate within the default network for the LMD, which is in the address space.

  1. Ensure your computer “Local Area Connection” port matches the IP Address structure of the motor you wish to upgrade. All Liberty* MDrive motors ship from the factory at a default of See This Tutorial.
  2. Launch the Ethernet Interface utility from the Liberty* Software Suite screen.
  3. Go to the “Adapter (NIC)” drop-down in the upper left and select the correct the adapter the LMD is connected to. If followed instructions above then the selected should be
    • If it does not appear hit the IP address is not present click the “Refresh” button next to the drop-down. Choose the connected adapter and click “Select”. If done successfully the network address should show above the refresh and select buttons.
  4. To connect to a new motor straight from the factory, the default IP addresses for all our Ethernet TCP/IP products is192.168.33.1. Set the Port to 503, and have the TCP button selected. Click “Connect”.
  5.  There will be two connected status indicators. The upper right “Connect” button will be green and change to “Disconnect”. There will also be a message on the status bar indicating the selected NIC adapter is connected to the Motor IP address.
  6. Click the “Read All” button to populate the fields.
  7. Simply change the IP address and then hit the “Write” button. In this scenario, the IP address is changed from to If you were commissioning the device into a machine you would set it to the address defining its target location in the machine.
  8. After clicking the “Write” button, the string “!OK” will be appended to the parameter block title. There is no message/notification/prompt that pops asking you if you wish to change the motors IP address.
    • Follow the same steps if you need to modify the subnet mask or add a gateway address.
  9. Click the “Disconnect” button.
  10. Cycle power to the Liberty* MDrive by removing power from the AC side of the supply.

At this point, the device would be ready to be placed in a machine. You may may verify by reconnecting to the LMD using the new IP address, providing the network adapter is configured to match the target network parameters.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

*Previously Lexium

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