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NOTE: This refers strictly to the controller firmware for the Ethernet interface of Ethernet-equipped MDrivePlus and MDrive Hybrid models. It is NOT an upgrade to the MDrive operating firmware.

It is recommended that you DO NOT perform this upgrade unless so instructed by the IMS SEM Applications department.

Please review this in detail before performing the upgrade, each step must be completed in order.


  • Discontued Products
  • MDrive Linear Actuator
  • MDrive Plus


  1. MDrivePlus or MDrive Hybrid Motion Control with Ethernet
  2. TCP/IP Configuration Tool (Installed)
  3. TFTPD Firmware Server (Installed)
  4. Ethernet firmware upgrade file
    ***! IMPORTANT !*** Unzip upgrade *.S19 file to the installation directory of the TCP/IP Configuration Tool

This process will utilize the firmware upgrade area on the configuration tab of the TCP/IP Configuration Tool to set up.


NOTE: After the upgrade process is complete the device will revert to factory default IP settings.

 To begin
  1. Open the TCP/IP Configuration Tool
  2. Click the config tab, if not already active.
  3. Connect to your Ethernet MDrive over TCP.
MDrive TCP/IP Configuration Tool
MDrive TCP/IP Configuration Tool
MDrive TCP/IP Configuration Tool

Set TFTP Server IP:

  1. Click “Get Local IP.”
  2. Click “Write.”
  3. TFTP Server IP should read ‘OK.’

Set Ethernet upgrade file name:

  1. Click “Browse & set the file name.” In the file open window, browse to the location where you extracted the firmware upgrade *.S19 file. Click “OK.”
  2. Click “Write.”
  3. Ethernet Upgrade File Name should read ‘~OK.’
Set TFTP Server IP
Set Ethernet upgrade file name
Set Ethernet upgrade file name

Enter Upgrade Mode:

  1. On the “Edit” menu, select “Enter Ethernet Firmware Upgrade Mode.”
  2. A dialog will open requesting verification of the upgrade filename. If the name matches, click “Yes.”If it does not match, click “No” and repeat step 2.
  3. In the dialog, “Enter unlock code to enter upgrade mode,” enter the code:2956102
  4. The message, “Successfully entered Ethernet Firmware upgrade mode” will appear, click “OK.”
  5. The message “Cycle power to upgrade Ethernet firmware via TFTP server” will pop up. DO NOT Click OK at this point.

Complete Upgrade process::

  1. Remove power from you MDrive.
  2. Click “OK” on the dialog referenced in Step 3-e.
  3. On the “Edit” menu, select “Select & Enter TFTP Server.” The browse dialog should open to the install directory. If not, browse to the Tftpd_Server install directory and select “tftpd32.exe.”
  4. Click “Open.”
  5. Apply power to the MDrive
  6. The upgrade should begin after a few seconds.
  7. When complete, close TFTP server.
  8. Cycle power to the MDrive.
  9. Reconnect using the default IP: and Subnet mask:
  10. Configure the device to your system requirements.
Complete Upgrade process
Complete Upgrade process

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