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Upgrading the Liberty MDrive Ethernet TCP/IP Application Firmware

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This getting started tutorial covers the process for upgrading the Ethernet Application firmware for a Liberty* MDrive Ethernet TCP/IP product. with a Kinetis K64 processor.


  • Liberty* MDrive
  • Liberty* MDrive Linears
  • Liberty* MDrive with Absolute Encoder


  1. Liberty* MDrive Software Suite installed with the Ethernet TCP/IP Configuration tool installed and open.
    > Download
  2. The Ethernet TCP/IP Application Firmware file:
    > Download


Before you begin

This upgrade procedure is for Liberty* MDrive models with a Kinetis K64 processor using the 2.4.x.x firmware.

The following prerequisite steps are required before performing a firmware upgrade on your Liberty* MDrive Ethernet TCP/IP product.

  1. Download and install the Liberty* MDrive Software Suite.
  2. Download and extract the Ethernet Application Firmware file.
  3. From the Liberty* Software Suite main screen install, then open, the TCP/IP Configuration Utility.


  1. Connect to the Liberty* MDrive Ethernet TCP/IP product as you normally would.
  2. Verify the connection by clicking the “Read All” button on the TCP/IP Configuration Utility screen.
  3. Click the “Upgrade!” menu item.
  4. On the dialog, enter the upgrade code: “3653900”
  5. The upgrade process will begin. Wait until the counter reaches 100%.
  6. Close the dialog. Reconnect to the Liberty* MDrive product.
  7.  The firmware version field, located in the lower-left of the Ethernet TCP/IP Configuration Utility screen, should display the current version.

*Previously Lexium

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