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As your partner for motion control, we offer solutions including customization, engineering and support. So, when it comes to your requirements, don’t settle. Get precisely what you need.

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Custom Solutions for OEMs

Need solutions for your unique motion application requirements? Do not settle. Get precisely what you need.

Our services leverage decades of engineering experience in developing innovative system solutions in motion around the world. Working with our in-house team of engineers, you eliminate the need to compromise, ensure compatibility with existing systems, and future proof your intellectual property investment by assuring sustainability.

Is a customized motion solution right for you?

This article from our blog offers five reasons why outsourcing specialized engineering projects may be to your advantage.

Hardware Modification

Connector Options

PCB/Chip-level Development


Specialty Products/Assemblies

When it comes to customizing products to meet your unique application needs, we know motion. To discuss your specific motion requirements complete the form below:

When it comes to your form, fit and function requirements, don’t settle. Get precisely what you need working with us. We know motion.

Contact us with any questions about how we can help you with your motion application or for assistance with your IMS products.

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