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RS Logix 5000 Examples for Liberty* MDrive



Example program

Ethernet/IP Communications examples for RS Logix 5000 to Run on a CompactLogix L23E PLC These two examples are done using version 17 of RS Logix 5000.  Both examples use implicit Messaging as well as Explicit Messaging.  Example 1 is meant for a minimally configured LMDOE42x while the larger one is configured for an LMDCE57x or LMDCE85x.  Their function does not vary when running on an IP-65 drive with M12 circular connectors or an IP-20 drive with pluggable terminal strips.  The logic is designed to show the functions in a way that allows the toggling of a single bit while providing a place in the rung to enter/monitor the data being sent/received.

*Previously Lexium

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