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Absolute Encoder Backup Battery pack

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Part Number: ICP0531

For Liberty* MDrive Products with Absolute Encoder

The ICP0531 Encoder Back-up Battery Pack will provide back-up power for the Liberty* MDrive Absolute Encoder circuitry, retaining and updating the position data for a period of up to five (5) years. The battery pack requires three (3) Energizer L91 1.5V AA Lithium batteries.

Battery voltage level monitoring

The ICP0531 features a monitoring circuit with indicates a low-level state by two methods:

  1. Blinking LED on the battery pack.
  2. Low-Level warning output located at J7:2 (requires an external 24VDC signal).

*Previously Lexium

Download Datasheet

See bottom of the page for mating connector mfg details


Mating cables

3.3’/1m long


LMD mate: 2-pin crimp connector to flying lead end PD02-0531-FL1. Up to six cables may be used per Backup Battery pack unit.


PLC mate: 4-pin crimp connector to flying lead end PD04-0531-FL1. This cable is only used if the battery low-level warning output will be monitored by the system.

Wiring and connection

Installing/replacing the batteries

NOTE use only the recommended Energizer L91 1.5V AA Lithium batteries.

Attention: if Lithium batteries are installed, provide proper package warning labels to all shipping containers as required by law.

  1. Open the battery pack by removing the four (4) screws on the back side of the case.
    Open the Battery Pack
    Figure 1: Open the Battery Pack
  2. Install the batteries taking care to match the imprints on the battery holder.

Figure 2: Battery Holder

Application Note: Backup Battery Pack capacity

The nominal capacity of the ICP0531 External Battery Pack is 3.1 Amp Hours which is capable of providing years of service. The length of time before the external battery pack is exhausted is dependent on standby and usage time.  Please see below for usage examples:

When the battery pack has not been activated, the shelf life of the batteries is 20 years when stored at 21 degrees C. at which time they still have 95% of initial capacity.

  • After 5 years of standby, the monitoring electronics will consume 1 Amp Hour of capacity leaving 2.1 Amp Hours of capacity remaining which is enough for 3.4 years of continuous usage providing energy for encoder functions.
  • MDrives are off for years – perhaps machine is in long-term storage.  This equates to 100 % duty cycle required from battery pack.  In this scenario the battery pack will provide energy for 5 years.
  • Single shift, 7 days a week – MDrives are on 8 hours, off 16 hours, equating to a 67% duty cycle required from the battery pack.  In this scenario the battery pack will provide energy for 6.4 years.
  • Double shift, 7 days a week – MDrives are on 16 hours, off 8 hours, equating to a 33% duty cycle required from the battery pack.  In this scenario the battery pack will provide energy for 8.7 years.
  • When in standby and not required to provide any energy to the MDrives the battery pack will last 15.5 years.  In this case the monitoring electronics will have consumed the entire capacity of the battery pack – while interesting, not very useful.

TypeBackup Battery pack
FunctionMounting Hardware or Miscellaneous Accessory
Applicable productsLiberty MDrive
Part numberICP0531

Detail Drawing

Connectivity Details

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