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Creating and exporting user-defined data types

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This procedure provides an example of exporting user-defined data types using the Liberty* MDrive Ethernet Interface, version of Liberty*) MDrive Software Suite version and Liberty* MDrive, part number LMDCE571.


  • Liberty* MDrive
  • Liberty* MDrive Linears


  • Liberty* MDrive Ethernet TCP/IP (powered and connected)
  • Liberty* MDrive Software Suite (installed)



  1. Launch Liberty* MDrive Software Suite.
  2. Launch Liberty* MDrive Ethernet Interface.
  3. Select appropriate NIC adapter from the drop down menu and press the “Select” button. For the purpose of this example NIC adapter was used.
  4. Enter the IP address in the upper right corner and press “Connect” to establish communication. For the purpose of this example, the motor IP address was
  5. Press “Read All” to test communication and verify application protocol.
  6. The default application protocol for the Liberty* MDrive is MODBUS/TCP. In order to create/save user-defined data types, we must change the application protocol from MODBUS/TCP to Ethernet/IP. Please select Ethernet/IP from the Application Protocol drop-down menu and press the “Set”  button.
  7. Press the “OK” button from the Fieldbus application change message and cycle power to the unit from the AC side of the power supply or press the “Reset Drive”   button to save
    the application protocol change.
  8. Press the “Connect” button in the upper right-hand corner to re-establish communications.
  9. Press the “Read All” button to verify that the application protocol change was successfully saved.
  10. Select E.I.P tab to configure implicit inputs and implicit outputs.
  11. Press the “Get”  button to receive the motors current implicit input and implicit output configuration.
  12. Modify the implicit input and implicit output configuration as necessary. Press “Set” after changes have been made.
  13. To create the user-defined data types that can be imported into RS Logix 5000, select File, then select “Save EIP User-Defined Data Types”
  14. Choose the location to save the implicit output user-defined data type and the implicit input user-defined data type. Please note it is not recommended to change the file name from the default value.
  15. Disconnect and Close the Liberty* MDrive Ethernet Interface.

*Previously Lexium

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