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This tutorial will guide you through the initial process of connecting to your IMS serial product using the Motion Control Programmer (MCP) application, part of the Software Suite.

This process is the same for any product communicating over a serial datalink, or using MCode over Ethernet.


  • Liberty* MDrive


  • Download and install the Liberty* MDrive Software Suite
  • RS-422/485 communications adapter drivers installed and connected between host PC and IMS product.
  • Product is in a powered ON state.
Liberty* Software Suite

User interface software for all Liberty* MDrive products.

*Previously Lexium


Install the Liberty* MDrive Motion Control Programmer

  1. Click the button labeled “Install Motion Control Interface” (1).
    Install MCP
  2. Follow the prompt dialogs to install the application. When completed the button text will change to “Launch Liberty* MDrive Motion Control Interface” (2). Click to launch the application.
    Install MCP
  3. The program will open.
  4. Click the tab labeled “Terminal1” (3) to activate the terminal window. Direct (immediate mode) communications will be performed using this tab and the status bar (4).
    Install MCP

Establish Communications

Communications Configuration

  1. With the tab labeled “Terminal1” active, double-click the COM port: BAUD rate (1:9600) field of the status bar (1). This will open the Terminal Preferences dialog. Note: The Terminal Preferences dialog may also be opened using the menu items Edit > Preferences > Terminal Settings.
  2. Select the COM port (2) your communications adapter is installed on.
  3. Verify that the Liberty* MDrive default BAUD rate, 9600 kbps, is selected (3)
  4. Click the button labeled “Set” (4). The dialog will close.
  5. Double-click “Port Closed” (5) on the status bar, it should change to “Port Open” (6)
  6. Key in the sequence, CTRL+C (7) or cycle power on the Liberty* MDrive.
  7. You should see the sign-on message “Copyright © 2010-2014 Novanta IMS” (8) appear within the Terminal1 tab, along with the “>” prompt. This signifies that the device is communicating. You may now send commands and programs to the Liberty* MDrive Motion Control device.
*Previously Lexium

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