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The Liberty* MDrive Ethernet TCP/IP Configuration Utility uses TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) to upgrade the firmware application code for the Ethernet controller.

As TFTP runs as a server for the process, it is essential that UDP port 69 be opened to allow both incoming and outgoing traffic on Windows Firewall for the upgrade process to complete successfully. In the case that your IT department doesn’t allow Windows Firewall setting to be adjusted, or that another, third party firewall is in use, request that UDP Port 69 be unblocked, or, perform the upgrade using PC external to your corporate network.


  • Liberty* MDrive


  • Liberty* MDrive Software Suite Ethernet TCP/IP Utility component installed
  • Ethernet TCP/IP Application firmware file
  • Access to Windows Firewall configuration settings

*Previously Lexium


Configure Windows Firewall to unblock UDP Port 69

Create an Inbound Rule

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel
  2. Open Windows Firewall
  3. Click “Advanced Settings.”
    Windows Firewall advanced settings
    Figure 1: Windows Firewall advanced settings
  4. On the Advanced Settings screen, select “Inbound Rules.”
    Windows Firewall Inbound Rules
    Figure 2: Windows Firewall Inbound Rules
  5. On the right column of the screen, select “New Rule.” The New Inbound Rule Wizard dialog will open.
  6. Select the radio selector labeled “Port” to define the Rule Type as applicable to a port. Click Next.
    Windows Firewall Inbound Rules
    Figure 3: Windows Firewall Inbound Rules – Rule Type
  7. On the Protocols and Ports dialog, activate the radio selector labeled “UDP”
  8. Select the option “Specific Local Ports.” In the text field, enter the number “69”. Click Next.
    Windows Firewall Configuration
    Figure 4: Select UDP Port 69
  9. On the Action dialog, select the option “Allow the connection” Click Next.
    Windows Firewall Configuration
    Figure 5: Allow the connection for the new inbound rule
  10. On the Profile dialog, check the networks to which this rule will apply. Click Next.
    Windows Firewall Configuration
    Figure 6: Select applicable profiles
  11. Name the rule “Novanta IMS Ethernet Upgrade.” Click Finish.
    Windows Firewall Configuration
    Figure 7: Name inbound rule
  12. In Windows Firewall Advanced settings screen the new rule will show as active.
    Windows Firewall Configuration
    Figure 8: Activate rule

Create an Outbound Rule

  1. On the Widows Firewall Advanced Settings screen, select Outbound Rules.
    On the right column Click “New Rule.”
  2. Repeat the steps for the Outbound Rule Wizard as followed in creating the Inbound Rule, configuring the firewall to allow outbound traffic on UDP Port 69.
  3. You may now continue with the process of upgrading Ethernet firmware. When complete Novanta IMS recommends that you disable these rules.

*Previously Lexium

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