Liberty* Motion Module

LMM 1.5 A CANopen Module


Liberty Motion Module CANopen 1.5A RMS programmable controller and driver module offers 1.5 A RMS (2.1 A peak) output current with 48 VDC input voltage.  Starter kit available for rapid application development.

*Previously Lexium

Control TypeCANopen
Communications Interface CAN
Communications Features DS301, DSP 402, PDO, SDO, Heaartbeat, Node Guarding
Operating Temperature[°C]85
Humidity[%] non-condensing95
Input Supply voltage
[+VDC]+12 to +48
Logic Supply voltage[+VDC]+5
Output Current[A] RMS (Peak)1.5 (2.1)
Power Supply Current Requirement[A]1.25
California Residents – Click here for Proposition 65 warning
Inputs 1-4, Axis_Select 1_4, SPI
Input voltage (VIN)[VDC]-
Voltage High Level (VIH)[VDC]2.64
Voltage Low Level (VIL)[VDC]0.66
Analog Input
Input voltage (VIN)[VDC]-
Bridge Enable, Encode Ch A, Ch B, Index
Input voltage (VIN)[VDC]-
Voltage High Level (VIH)[VDC]2.0
Voltage Low Level (VIL)[VDC]0.66
UART Recieve input
Voltage High Level (VIH)[VDC]2.64
Voltage Low Level (VIL)[VDC]0.66
Reset input
Voltage High Level (VIH)[VDC]2.31
Voltage Low Level (VIL)[VDC]0.660.99
Pull-up Resisitance (RPU)2.492.85
Min pulse widthμSec1
Glitch immunitynSec100
Reset delaynSec200
Output 2-1, UART TX, SPI
Voltage High Level (VOH)[VDC]2.8
Voltage Low Level (VOH)[VDC]0.5
Current High Level (IOH)[mA]24
Current Low Level (IOL)[mA]24
Output 3 (Trip Output)
Voltage High Level (VOH)[VDC]2.9
Voltage Low Level (VOH)[VDC]0.4
Current High Level (IOH)[mA]0.6
Current Low Level (IOL)[mA]0.6
Open loop
Microstep resolution[steps/rev] 1.8° motor1 … 51200
CounterPosition register32-bit
Max Edge rate [MHz]5
Velocity range[steps/sec (RPM)]± 2560000 (± 3000 )
Velocity resolution[steps/sec]0.5961
Accel/Decel range[steps/sec2]1.5 X 109
Accel/Decel resolution[steps/sec2]90.9
with Encoder
Encoder typeUser defined
Encoder resolution[Lines / Edges]User defined
Counter type[32-bit]Encoder
Encoder functionsEncoder connected and configuredStall detect, position maintenance and find index

CiA Standards Compliance
Application LayerDS301: CANopen application layer and communication profile
ProfileDSP402: CANopen device profile for drives and motion control
ConnectivityDR303-1: Cabling and connector pin assignment
CommisioningDS305: CANopen layer setting services (LSS) and protocols
General features
Setup ParametersStorable to NVM
Transmit PDOs4 Dynamically Mappable
Receive PDOs4 Dynamically Mappable
Manufacturer Specific ObjectsI/O Configuration, Run/Hold Current
Modes of OperationProfile Position, Homing Mode, Profile Velocity, Cyclic Synchronous Position
Input functionsGeneral purpose, home, limit
Output functionsGeneral purpose, braking


Mechanical dimensions

Part Builder

Part Number/Accessories

Liberty Motion Module LMM-15-A
Starter kit LMM-KIT2
Single axis development board LMM-INT1-A
Four axis development board
Communications converter MD-CC501-000

Recommended motors

NEMA 17Stepper Motor
32 to 75 oz-in (23 to 53 N-cm) holding torque
NEMA 14 Stepper Motor
12.5 oz-in (8.8 N-cm) holding torque
NEMA 11 Stepper Motor
12.9 to 24.1 oz-in (9.1 to 17 N-cm) holding torque

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