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Move on BCD


The following application will move the motor to a variety of positions based upon a binary input to I/O 1-4. One of the things this application shows is one of the new Microstep Resolution settings that give the ability to set motion to occur in 0.001˚ increments. The program does a calculation after each move to show motor position in degrees.

To run program, enter EX 1 into the terminal. You can index the motor by moving the switches to the center (OFF) position to represent a 4-bit binary number where switch 4 is the most significant bit.

The terminal will display the decimal equivalent, as well as the axis position in degrees.

This program illustrates the following functions:

  1. The ability to input BCD to the I/O group and control processes based on the value of the inputs.
  2. The ability to manipulate numeric position data to display it in familiar units of measure.


  1. Compatible product
  2. DC power supply
  3. Communications/Network

Example program


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