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NEMA 23 Linear Actuator

Hybrid Stepper Motor Linear Actuator

LM23 NEMA 23 3.0 A 1.8° External Linear Stepper Motor

NEMA 23 (57 mm) 3.0 A, 1.8° external linear actuator stepper motor delivering a maximum thrust of up to 60 lbs (27 kg) with general purpose nut.

Our linear motors feature precision rolled lead screws which are designed specifically for motion control applications to deliver maximum life and quiet operation. Corrosion resistant and non-magnetic, screws are manufactured from premium grade stainless steel. Screws may optionally be ordered with Teflon coating.

Mechanical nut options include a general purpose nut, for applications not requiring backlash and wear compensation, and an anti-backlash nut, for high accuracy and low drag torque. Note that use of an anti-backlash nut greatly reduces the maximum force which may be applied to a load.


Force -speed performance

Screw G — 0.375″ / 9.525 mm travel per revolution
Screw A — 0.20″ / 5.08 mm travel per revolution
Screw B — 0.167″ / 4.233 mm travel per revolution
Screw D — 0.083″ / 2.116 mm travel per revolution
Test conditions

100% current with damper simulating load.

Load limits

Non-captive shaft linear actuators limit is 200 lbs / 91 kg. External shaft linear actuators limits are determined by the selected nut.

NOTE: Above performance data for maximum force/load is based on a static load and will vary with a dynamic load

Motor Characteristics

SpecNotesSingle length
External shaft
General purpose nut
Maximum thrustlbs (kg)60 (27)
Maximum repeatabilityin (mm)0.005 (0.127)
Anti-backlash nut
Maximum thrustlbs (kg)25 (11)
Maximum repeatabilityin (mm)0.0005 (0.0127)
Phase currentamps3.0
Number of leads4
Phase resistanceohms0.65
Phase inductancemH1.5
Weight (without screw)oz (g)18 (510)
Step angle α°1.8

Wiring & Mechanical

Motor wiring/connectivity

No items found

Dimensional information

Dimensions are in inches (mm)

Screw specifications

Screw travel specifications

Dimensional information

Dimensional information
in / mm
A3.0 to 24.0 / 77.5 to 610.0 in 0.1 / 0.25 increments
B0.50 / 12.7
C0.375 / 9.525

Nut specifications


 General purpose nut

For applications not requiring backlash and wear compensation. Round flange shape. Max Thrust: 60 lbs (25 kg)

General Purpose Nut

Anti-backlash nut

For applications requiring backlash-free operation for high accuracy and low drag torque. Triangle flange shape. Factory-preloaded: The anti-backlash nut ships pre-loaded from the factory. Should you need to remove it please read the assembly instructions. Max Thrust: 25 lbs (11 kg) Anti-backlash nut
End treatment options
End treatments
SmoothØ 0.2362″ ±0.001 Ø 6mm ±0.003
Threaded Metric: M6 x 1.0mm thread to within 0.03″/ 0.76 mm of shoulderUNC: 1/4-20 UNC-2A thread to within 0.05″/ 1.3 mm of shoulder
Need a custom leadscrew solution?

Custom screw ends

SEM offers numerous customization options for your lead screw. Contact us to learn more!

Leadscrew maintenance statement

While under optimal conditions lubrication interval is expected to occur approximately once every 1000 hours of service. Actual life will depend on application and environment. Based upon this, frequent inspections must be performed and a maintenance interval determined based on actual conditions.

Recommended lubricant: Dupont Krytox GPL 206

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